Starters-Old School’s New School-November 2011

Starters-Old School’s New School-November 2011

Harvey Mackay gets in touch with the social media age.

Old School’s New School Harvey Mackay gets in touch with the social media age. The latest book by Minnesota business and literary entrepreneur Harvey Mackay—who first hit the business book world in 1988 with Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive— comes out in November. The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World shows Mackay staying up to date in that world.

“I believe that a seismic shift is taking place out there in sales,” Mackay says. “The great classical sales principles still hold true, but they need to be fused with cuttingedge Internet technology.” The information salespeople can glean from the Web, he believes, can “take the cold out of cold calling.” By learning more about a prospect as a person ahead of the call, salespeople can “humanize the selling strategy” in ways that they couldn’t have even a decade ago. In fact, he says, given how “tough it is out there” to make sales, that approach is crucial to an organization’s future growth.

The Mackay MBA has many marks of the patter and style of his previous books: It’s a compendium of anecdotes, aphorisms, jokes, and inspirational quotations as well as tips on better selling. It may not have the rigor of a standard MBA course, but his fans should dig it, and his older ones will feel a little more hip after reading it. “My inner circle calls this my legacy book,” Mackay says.

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