Some Minnesotans Can Still Sign Up For Health Insurance

A special enrollment period runs through March 1 for those who have been recently kicked off their health plan.

Open enrollment for health insurance through MNsure has come and gone, but thousands of Minnesotans are still eligible to sign up for a plan.
Anyone who lost their health insurance plan in the past 60 days qualify for a special enrollment period that runs through March 1. Among those who qualify are customers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which stopped selling individual health plans throughout the state, and those who had HealthPartners individual coverage in Greater Minnesota.
Those who want to sign up during the special enrollment period need to follow the usual steps for signing up through MNsure. The organization said it would continue to have certified assisters available to answer any questions.
Despite skyrocketing premiums, signs-ups for private insurance through MNsure hit record levels this year, with nearly 120,000 enrolling. Much of the additional cost was covered by federal tax credits, but concern over those who made too much money to qualify for those resulted in the state legislature passing a 25 percent premium tax credit.