Social Network: Emily Pritchard

Social Network: Emily Pritchard

The Social Lights CEO's favorite follows on social media

Social media is no break from work for Emily Pritchard. As co-founder and CEO of The Social Lights, it is her work. Her Minneapolis-based agency helps Fortune 500s with social strategy, content creation, engagement, optimization, and training. She keeps a low personal profile online, preferring to place the spotlight on her agency and clients, but here’s who Pritchard is scrolling in her personal feeds: 

        Twitter | @lijin18 Li Jin, founder of Atelier Ventures, was described by The New York Times as the “It Girl in Venture Capital.” “She’s a thought leader on the passion economy and creator economy and launched her own consulting and training program around these topics.”

        LinkedIn | Robert F. Smith The CEO of Vista Equity Partners. “I follow his content on the impact he wants to make and the legacy he wants to leave as a people-first founder in the technology space while supporting and advocating for the advancement of underserved communities.”

        Instagram | @__nitch “NITCH is a daily dose of inspiration, with quotes and bios from some of the most creative and inventive people who have shaped culture through their ideas, music, art, and inventions. The black-and-white theme gives my feed a moody break from the noise.”

        TikTok | @texasbeeworks “Leaning into the learning side of TikTok, I love to follow professional beekeeper Erika Thompson’s account—I’m mesmerized by watching her save the bees, while learning something new each time.” 

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