Social Network: Deena Winter
Deena Winter, reporter for the Minnesota Reformer

Social Network: Deena Winter

A state and local politics reporter shares her favorite Twitter accounts.

Deena Winter is one of the more prolific journalists in town, batting out report after report on state and local politics for the Minnesota Reformer, a nonprofit newsroom launched in 2020. Twitter is her favored social media platform and an occasional source for scoops. Here are a few of her favorite accounts.

This account, authored by South Minneapolis neighborhood activist John Edwards, is the best for “keeping tabs on city issues. It’s also hilarious. I often see things they’re covering that others aren’t.”

Michael Brodkorb used to work for the state GOP. Now a self-employed consultant, “he often knows what’s going on inside the party. He gets a lot of scoops that mainstream media doesn’t because he’s got good contacts.”

This account belongs to MPR reporter Brian Bakst. “He’s pretty up on the scoops in the state political realm.”

A Washington, D.C., correspondent for New York magazine, Olivia Nuzzi is a good source for national news. “She’s a terrific writer, and I like the way she gives props to other female writers and was generous enough to respond to a DM and retweet a couple of my stories.”

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