Social Drinking In HTML5
Proof positive this could be the world’s most expensive drinking game.

Social Drinking In HTML5

A locally built app turns scotch sampling into a shared gaming experience.

Think of it as a drinking game for grownups. As a holiday-season gift to friends and clients, Minneapolis marketing agency Zeus Jones put together a mobile app called Proof that turns sampling single-malt scotch whiskies into a convivial game.

The HTML5 app was designed to take advantage of the iPad platform. Players can put the device on the table along with samples of malts from Islay, Speyside, and all around the great land of Alba. Once the players’ and the whiskies’ names are entered into the app, you take discerning sips, describe the flavor elements using its graphing tool, then test your palate’s mettle.

“There are very few apps that actually turn the iPad into a social experience,” notes Zeus Jones founding partner Eric Frost. For clients and close friends, the agency put together 200 tasting kits comprising five different single malts.

Though the agency didn’t promote the app, word got out via whiskey blogs, Fast Company, and cool-hunter sites Gear Patrol and Uncrate. With the app accessed more than 50,000 times, Zeus Jones designer Peter Petrulo says his shop is exploring the possibility of “taking this platform and bringing it to some other places, whether it be wine or cheese.” Till then, gather some malts, some friends, and check it out at

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