Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells Like Teen Spirit

A sixth sense led 12-year-old Ruby Green to create customizable scents, which are now being marketed to keep face masks smelling fresh.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made for some very slow school days. For some kids, the free time is dedicated to Fortnite and freak-outs with stressed parents. Others, like Ruby Green, dedicates the time to more entrepreneurial activities.

Ruby, who is 12, has a sixth sense. Synesthesia has allowed her to create a business, RuAura. Synesthesia is a condition in which the stimulation of one sense leads to the involuntary stimulation of another. For Green, this manifests in the form of a visual glow, which translates to a scent. Her entrepreneurial outlet is to identify an individual’s signature scent. Everyone’s aura is different, therefore Green’s readings produce customizable scents.

Green, who is the daughter of WCCO Radio afternoon-drive personality Jordana Green, uses natural essential oils that are safe for the skin. The company provides various levels of personalization and standardized fragrances for those who know what they want.

Green says her products are designed to empower others; providing a scent to match their aura shows how unique each person is. All profits from the customizable aura reading and scent go to racial justice and women’s empowerment initiatives.

RuAura has also pivoted in the pandemic, making its standard fragrances available on Amazon and even developing mask scents to keep face coverings smelling fresh. Green says she has recently started collaborating with Trance Essence, a company that produces artisan perfume.

Mom Jordana provides back-end support for things like purchasing and website design and is helping her pitch retailers. They’re now selling in the General Store of Minnetonka; Target is an aspiration.