Six Minnesotans Among the 400 Richest Americans

The list closely resembles that of last year's, but some of the richest Minnesotans' fortunes are notably smaller this year.

Six Minnesotans are among the 400 richest Americans, according to Forbes magazine's annual list.

The list closely resembles that of last year's, but some of their fortunes are notably smaller this year. Mary Janet Morse Cargill, who was included on last year's list, passed away earlier this year.

Here's the list of the richest of the rich who call Minnesota home, along with their rank on the Forbes list, their net worth, and the source of their wealth.

  • 79th: Whitney MacMillan (age 81 of Minneapolis)-$3.8 billion net worth. He was an heir to agricultural giant Cargill, where he served as CEO for 18 years, and his family owns the majority of The Mosaic Company.
  • Cargill MacMillan, who tied with Whitney MacMillan, is also an heir to Cargill. He made the list last year, too, but his place of residence has since changed from Wayzata to Indian Springs, California.
  • 144th: Richard Schulze (age 69 of Edina)-$2.5 billion net worth. Founder of Best Buy Company, Inc. He stepped down as CEO in 2002 but is still chairman of the board.
  • 164th: Glen Taylor (age 69 of Mankato)-$2.2 billion net worth. The founder of Taylor Corporation, Taylor has 98 percent of the company. He has expanded the company's operations into commercial printing, packaging, and marketing. He's also the majority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves.
  • 236th: Stanley Hubbard (age 77 of St. Paul)-$1.75 billion net worth. He was chairman and CEO of Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc., whose operations include numerous television and radio stations.
  • 252nd (tie): Barbara Carlson Gage and family (age 68 of Minneapolis)-$1.6 billion net worth. Her father, Curt Carlson, founded Carlson Companies. She heads the company's family foundation and is active in children's charities.
  • 252nd (tie): Marilyn Carlson Nelson & family (age 71 of Minneapolis)-$1.6 billion net worth. Daughter of Curt Carlson, who founded Carlson Companies. She served as CEO of the company until 2008.

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett clinched the first and second spots with net worth of $54 billion and $45 billion, respectively.

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