TCB Talks: Secrets of Success, Small Business

TCB Talks: Secrets of Success, Small Business

Small business leaders share the strategies and advice that helped them survive and even thrive during the Covid-19 crisis.

“Everyone has a plan until they get a punch in the gut,” said Kyle Gallus, co-founder and CEO of Finley’s natural dog treats, which had a major retail launch derailed by the pandemic. “Then you have to pivot.”

In a year that’s challenged virtually every industry and put extreme pressure on small businesses, many local companies pivoted, held on, or even thrived thanks to dedication and determination. Twin Cities Business brought together leaders of three small businesses featured in our Feb/March issue, along with an expert advisor to share advice that could benefit any company trying to plan for 2021.

Watch a recording of the Feb. 18 webinar below.

Mariam Mohamed, Co-Founder, Hoyo
Matt Glover, Co-Founder & CEO, Hoyo
Kyle Gallus, Co-Founder & CEO, Finley’s
Megan Diamond, Founder & President, NPARALLEL

Also featuring:
Jarrod Hutchinson, Business Solutions Market Leader, Bremer Bank

Moderated by:
Allison Kaplan, Editor-in-Chief, Twin Cities Business

Sponsored by:
Bremer Bank