Report: Thief Caught On Tricycle Had Stolen Xcel Paperwork

The suspect reportedly stole a backpack containing a photocopied check or checks totaling $8 million.

A man riding an adult-sized tricycle was reportedly stopped by police in St. Paul and arrested—and authorities are accusing him of breaking into a woman’s garage and stealing a backpack that contained a photocopied check or checks totaling $8 million.

A police officer on routine patrol stopped the man after noticing that he was riding an adult-size tricycle that resembled one reported stolen in West St. Paul, Police Sergeant Paul Paulos told the Star Tribune. The man was reportedly stopped no more than two hours after a St. Paul break-in occurred Monday evening, in which the backpack was stolen.

Authorities said that the backpack, including a laptop and a photocopied check or checks totaling $8 million from “a private company,” were recovered. Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy acknowledged that the paperwork stolen Monday was from its company, but it declined to say how many photocopied checks were involved or whether it was the issuer or the recipient of the checks, according to the Star Tribune.

The tricycle, meanwhile, reportedly turned out not to be the one that West St. Paul authorities were seeking. Read more here.