Reed Robinson to Step Down from Top Spot at Beta.MN

Reed Robinson to Step Down from Top Spot at Beta.MN

Robinson co-founded the organization in September 2013.

It’s official: Reed Robinson is leaving his gig as executive director of Beta.MN.

In late October, the organization posted a job opening for a new executive director. When reached for comment, Robinson told TCB the process to find a new executive director would likely take between four and six months, but that he’d remain on board until a replacement is found.

He’ll also move into a position on Beta.MN’s board of directors.

“The next executive director is going to be someone who is passionate about the startup space, obviously, but they also need to uphold the values of the people we serve — the founders,” Robinson told tech news site Tech.MN.

As for Robinson’s next steps? He declined to share specifics, but said he’s “looking at a few things.”

Robinson co-founded Beta.MN in September 2013.

His departure comes after another record-setting Twin Cities Startup Week, which is organized by Beta.MN. Now in its sixth year, the event attracted 15,775 attendees this year, up from 13,900 in 2018. Taking into account other co-occurring conferences (such as the Manova Health Summit), there were 19,200 attendees in total. That’s an increase from 17,000 attendees last year.

Robinson estimates that about 6 percent of this year’s attendees were from outside Minnesota.

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