Ramsey County Board Ponders Purchase Of Financially Plagued Vadnais Heights Sports Complex

The minimum bid for the sports center–which has two hockey rinks, a domed field, and locker rooms–is $8 million.

Ramsey County commissioners will vote next week on whether to bid for the financially -troubled Vadnais Heights Sports Center.

The sports center was built for $26 million in 2010 but failed to live up to expectations. The city of Vadnais Heights took big losses until it pulled out of the deal last year, leading to a major hit on the city's credit rating.

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The Pioneer Press reports that the county commissioners met in executive session earlier this month to authorize its staff to study the center's finances, in preparation for a possible bid. 

Asking price for the sports center, which has two hockey rinks, a domed field and locker rooms, is $13 million but the minimum bid is $8 million.

The paper said others have shown interest in buying the center, too, although no details were available. Offers are due by Sept. 6.

The county already owns 11 ice rinks.