Poll: Most Oppose New Vikings Stadium

Although most Minnesotans seem to think that the team should stay put in the Metrodome, the Minnesota Twins' new home-Target Field-was also largely unpopular four years ago before construction had begun.

Two-thirds of Minnesotans think that the Minnesota Vikings should continue to play at the Metrodome and three-fourths oppose using public money for a new Vikings stadium, according to a new Star Tribune poll.

A total of 1,206 Minnesota adults were polled between October 18 and 21. According to the survey results, a greater percentage of women oppose a new Vikings stadium than men. While 72 percent of women surveyed believe that the team should continue to use the dome, only 59 percent of men think so.Additionally, only 16 percent of women favor using public money to fund a new Vikings stadium while 26 percent of men support a public investment.

When asked whether the Twins' new stadium at Target Field has been worth the public expense, 48 percent of those polled said that it had-including 53 percent of men and 48 percent of women. (Twelve percent of respondents either weren't sure or didn't answer the question.)

That 48 percent approval level is greater than it was four years ago before construction on Target Field had begun. At that time, just 29 percent said the subsidy was worthwhile, according to the Star Tribune.

The Vikings' Metrodome lease expires after the 2011 season, and team officials have said that they won't consider an extension without a new-stadium deal in place. Initial cost projections for a new NFL venue were estimated at $800 million.

Vikings spokesman Lester Bagley pointed out to several media outlets that a number of Minnesota projects that are now well-liked-including Target Field, the Hiawatha light-rail line, and the new Guthrie Theatre-weren't popular in polls conducted before their completion.

Click here to see more detailed poll results. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.