Politician Shows Off MN-Made Toy On Fox News (With Video)

Politician Shows Off MN-Made Toy On Fox News (With Video)

Senator Rand Paul unexpectedly brought QFO Labs’ “Quad Fighter” toy drone onto Fox News, although he didn’t mention the Minneapolis company’s name.

A product made by a Minneapolis startup recently made an appearance on Fox News—to the surprise of the company’s leaders.

Rand Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky, appeared on the nationally televised news station to show off a birthday gift that he received from Utah’s Mike Lee, a fellow Republican senator. The gift: A “Quad Fighter” toy drone made by the Twin Cities’ QFO labs.

The device, which is currently sold for $100, is described by QFO as a “high-tech gaming drone.” Users control the small, flying drone via a one-handed controller, and they can battle opponents by pulling a trigger and directing a laser at other Quad Fighter drones.

Below is a video of Senator Paul flying QFO’s “Quad Fighter” on Fox News’ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.

The unexpected (and free) exposure came while QFO Labs was also promoting its product at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where many Minnesota companies were showing off new technologies.

While QFO Labs is touting the fact that its product appeared on Fox News, the company acknowledged that the impact may have been greater had Paul verbally plugged the company or product name.

“Senator Rand Paul just flew the Quad Fighter on Fox News,” QFO Labs wrote on its Facebook page. “He's on his way to becoming an expert pilot. Too bad he didn't drop our name.”

Still, the company is hoping to keep tapping into the new buzz. Following the Fox News appearance, QFO President Jim Fairman contacted the staffs of senators Paul and Lee, offering to donate the product to a high school robotics class in each of their respective states. Fairman even sent a suggestion to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that Paul appear as a guest and stage a quad-copter “dog fight” with fellow lawmaker Al Franken.

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