Planned Brewpub Offers Investors Free Beer for Life

An investment of $1,000 in what is being called "the state's first community-supported brewpub" can reportedly secure a lifetime supply of free beer.

Securing investments for a new business is no easy task-but it appears as though a planned brewpub has found a novel way to attract investors: free beer for life.

The owners of the proposed project, which will be called Smokehouse Brewpub, told KARE 11 news that they're approaching their goal of raising $175,000 for the down payment on a loan for their $800,000 project.

To raise the funds, they're seeking $1,000 investments and, in return, offering free beer for life, equity options, or “kind of a hybrid option” of the two, KARE 11 reported.

According to a Web site for the proposed project, Smokehouse Brewpub-which will include a restaurant and on-site craft brewery-will be located at 38th Street East and 28th Avenue South in Minneapolis.

KARE 11 reported that homeowners living near the proposed business are pitching in-through investments of $1,000 or more-to gain a stake in their neighborhood brewpub, which is planning a May opening.

Minneapolis City Councilman Gary Schiff told KARE 11 that he supports “the state's first community-supported brewpub,” which he says will help revitalize the neighborhood and create 25 new jobs.

To read the full KARE 11 report, which includes a video, click here.