Next-Gen Leaders

Sondra Samuels

Sondra Samuels

2021, Change Agent: Sondra Samuels and other leaders started NAZ in 2008 to address racial and educational inequity in opportunities. The organization focuses on supporting children in north Minneapolis so

Steve Flagg

Flagg didn’t turn the Twin Cities into one of the top bicycling regions in the country on his own, of course. But he’s certainly been one of the big wheels.

Mohamud Noor

Mohamud Noor demonstrated his ability to marshal the electoral power of the Somali community in his DFL primary contest against Rep. Phyllis Kahn. Although he lost the August election, it
Scott Litman

Scott Litman

Scott Litman knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship. Alongside longtime business partner Dan Mallin, Litman co-founded Imaginet in the early 1990s and St. Louis Park-based Magnet 360 in 2008.
Kristin Pardue and Brad von Bank

Kristin Pardue and Brad von Bank

Kristin Pardue left corporate America to found Rêve Consulting, a business strategy consulting firm, in 2009. Brad von Bank joined a year later after leaving Target Corp. In 2012, the

Jonathan Weinhagen

Once a rather sleepy group, the St. Paul Area Chamber seems far more energetic these days. Weinhagen’s a big reason why. He loves his city, loves what he does and

Karl Florida

Under Karl Florida’s watch, FindLaw—an Eagan-based consumer legal website and attorney directory—extended its lead on the competition. Florida was promoted to president of FindLaw in 2010 after serving as the

Jamie Millard

One might wonder when Jamie Millard has time to breathe: Just five years out of college, she has launched and runs the literary magazine Paper Darts, doles out social media

Jennifer Ford Reedy

Since arriving in 2012, Reedy has been an energetic innovator who has raised the profile of the Bush Foundation, which supports organizations and individuals developing new ideas to improve their

Diane Tran

Besides her work at Grassroots Solutions, a consulting firm that works with grassroots organizations, Tran directs Minnesota field activities for the Pew Charitable Trust’s program to advance federal clean energy

Dr. Tara Watson

Tara Watson’s career can be summed up in a simple formula: boldness + resilience = brilliance. Few chiropractors have had to make so many adjustments. A month after purchasing a

Alberto Monserrate

Puerto Rican by birth, Alberto Monserrate is deeply passionate about the Latino community. His Latino Communications Network is a tour de force in marketing to Spanish and bilingual speakers across

Dan Buettner

Dan Buettner works to transform the health of America. The Minnesota native coined the concept of “blue zones,” areas where residents live incredibly long lives. In 2009, he helped Albert

Abou Amara

Abou Amara only completed his master of public policy degree a few years ago, but he has already served on advisory boards, advocacy groups and as a committee administrator for