Office Envy: nVent’s Freshly Designed Headquarters
Corey Gaffer Photography

Office Envy: nVent’s Freshly Designed Headquarters

How the Pentair spin-off is reinforcing company values through design.

Company: nVent
Headquarters: 1665 Utica Ave. S., St. Louis Park
Size: 70,000 square feet
Designer: Studio BV

Company culture is largely shaped by how the CEO behaves and what values the top executive supports. In the case of nVent, a $2 billion spinoff of Pentair, CEO Beth Wozniak wanted to reinforce the values of the new company through the physical design of its corporate headquarters. Her main partner in achieving that goal was Betsy Vohs, founder and CEO of Minneapolis-based Studio BV.

Key values at nVent—positive energy, respect, teamwork, innovation, and adaptability—are reflected in the bright colors, open design, modern furniture, and collaborative spaces that Vohs and her firm created. “We wanted employees to feel connected,” Wozniak says, and that’s evident in the design of a large “mobility hub” located on the seventh floor of the St. Louis Park office building. It houses a coffee bar, couches, and cozy spaces to take a break or work in small groups. It also has a great view of the Minneapolis skyline. “The brightness, the natural light, and the open space make people feel more positive,” says Lynnette Heath, chief human resources officer. “You want employees to feel good about coming to work.” Vohs says her design aims to capture a sense of boldness, warmth, velocity, and human connection that’s evident at nVent. To read more about how nVent’s new offices support its culture, see Meaning in the Workplace.

Employees can sit on couches or colorful chairs in the mobility hub, which has a wonderful view of nature and the Minneapolis skyline.

Copper mesh wall coverings (top right) create a distinctive look, and copper ties into the company’s electrical business.

This informal work area highlights the maroon color scheme, which blends with the reds, oranges, and golds found throughout the nVent offices.