NoSweat Breaks Out

NoSweat Breaks Out

Has an Excelsior company developed a better sweatband?

Brothers J.T. and Justin Johnson, with some help from their stepfather, Chad Sulheim, developed a peel-and-stick sweat-absorbing liner designed to fit into sporting helmets and baseball caps. They call their product NoSweat, and its patented “DRI-LID” technology is composed of super-absorbent polymers designed to absorb perspiration before it reaches the face, preventing blurred vision, burning eyes and sweat stains, while also helping to reduce gear odor and fog buildup in masks, goggles and other eyewear. The liner is hypoallergenic and is manufactured domestically by the Excelsior-based company.

NoSweat has quickly become a go-to part of the uniform for NHL officials. According to NoSweat, every official in the NHL Officials Association is currently using the product and have ordered over 23,000 units over the past four years. NoSweat is also used by many of the NHL New York Rangers, says team equipment manager Cass Marques.

NoSweat’s liners have been on the market for a little over two years, but rather than focusing on sales, the founders were raising capital for R&D to perfect the design and persuade retailers to carry it. Today, the liners can be found on Amazon and in over 400 U.S. stores. “We hope to be in all major sporting goods retailers within the next 12 months,” says Justin. NoSweat Liners last two to five uses under intensive activity and retail for just over $1 apiece. After collecting data from retailers, NoSweat found that nine of out 10 customers said they would buy it again.

Since inception, NoSweat has given away or sold a half-million units, but this year the company will begin to focus on increasing sales and mass production. Its marketing plan includes a healthy quotient of infomercials. “We’ve found the best way for people to understand how the product works is through demonstrations,” says COO Jon Marshalla. NoSweat isn’t interested in staying in one niche; it has plans to market to any job or pastime that requires headgear, including industrial, medical and military.