New Year, Updated You

New Year, Updated You

What better time to call on a few local experts to update your look? Here are five who can help take your personal image to a new level.

1. Personal Training

It’s not a novel idea to kick off the New Year on the right foot with an updated workout regime. Leave it to the pros at Steele Fitness to keep you on track with personalized workouts made to sculpt, tone, and trim you into the best (looking) version of you. Embarrassed to take to the gym after adding on the holiday 10? No worries: They do house calls, too.

2. Shoe and Leather Repair

Keeping your leather goods in tip-top shape is one of the greatest tools in any stylish wardrobe. How often should upkeep be done? The rules of thumb: shoes, conditioned and shined once a week; leather briefcases and jackets, once a year; everything else, as needed. Much of which you can handle on your own, but if you have items in need of a little more TLC, look to Bob’s Shoe Repair in Wayzata.

3. Personal Shoppers

For all things sartorial, we look to Todd Fliginger at the best men’s department in the city, Neiman Marcus. He can deliver looks best fitting your personal aesthetic faster than you can say Ermenegildo Zegna. For women, our money is on Ann Prentice. She specializes in image consulting with her signature four-step process involving a full closet clean-out and personalized style blueprint.

4. Tailoring/Alterations

A well-fitting suit can be a man’s best asset and locally, we look to Top Shelf for touching up, taking in, and letting out—and for custom suits, too. John Meegan, the proprietor has an eye for both modern-day fashion and timeless style, plus he is a good listener and knows construction well. We have it on good authority that Meegan and his team are the only tailors who will peg a pair of Loro Piana tuxedo pants without a mistake—that’s a true test.

5. Grooming

What is better than a fresh haircut? Gent, the newly opened “men’s club” on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue, offers the usual shave and a haircut, but with a bit more finesse. Here, find finely tuned stylists with a penchant for both classic and trendy cuts. Looking for a full overhaul? Opt for the Classic Cut and Executive Shave, complete with a detoxifying clay masque, and walk out feeling like a new man. For ladies, treat yourself to a blowout or two between cuts. It helps retain the shape of the cut and will last several days, cutting down on getting-ready time in the morning. For this, beauty insiders rave about Jon Charles Salon in Uptown.,

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