NBC Sports Buys Sport Ngin

The fast-growing startup now has a big-name brand backing them up.

Sport Ngin, a Northeast Minneapolis-based sport tech startup, has been sold to NBC Sports Group.
Terms of the transaction, which occurred on Monday, were not disclosed.
The Star Tribune reports that the companies had been in talks to form a partnership, but that it eventually morphed into NBC Sports buying the company outright. The purchase gives the startup access to significantly more capital to continue its rapid expansion.
Sport Ngin creates software for managing sports teams from the youth to professional level.
“We’ve got a mission and vision to help athletes and families and youth sports organizations,” Kaufenberg told the Star Tribune. “This made so much sense for us because now we can continue to do that, but we can do it even faster.”
No changes in leadership or company culture are expected to occur, Kaufenberg said. So the company’s free donuts and happy hours will continue.

But one change has already occurred: Within a day of the acquisition announcement, Sport Ngin's name had changed to Sports Engine and their logo now includes NBC's famous peacock.