Mortenson Gets $35.6M Contract for Mpls. Educ. HQ

The Minneapolis School District awarded contracts to Mortenson Development, Inc., and UrbanWorks Architecture to build a new $36.8 million Educational Service Center.

The Minneapolis School District on Tuesday awarded contracts to Mortenson Development, Inc., and UrbanWorks Architecture-both based in Minneapolis-to build a new $36.8 million Educational Service Center.

Mortensen received a $35.6 million contract in partnership with Legacy Management & Development Corporation to build to the new headquarters building, which will be located at 1250 West Broadway in Minneapolis. UrbanWorks got a $1.26 million contract to design the building.

Construction on the 173,768-square-foot center is scheduled to begin in November, and the district plans to move staff into the facility by summer 2012.

The center will house the district's entire administrative staff-which is currently spread out among four locations-and will also include a “welcome hub,” which features a wellness clinic, a conference center, and a student and staff art gallery.

According to the district, the annual operating cost of the new center will be almost $2 million less than the annual operating cost of the four existing administrative buildings. Over 30 years, the building is expected to provide the district with savings totaling $20 million.

The Minneapolis School District currently owns the building at 1250 West Broadway. Last fall, the board voted to close it and it's currently vacant.

It its building proposal, the school board said that the new headquarters “will provide financial savings, be a model of environmental sustainability for our city and region, and enhance equal employment and business opportunities for minorities and women.”

The district's newly formed Minority, Women, and Diverse Business Participation Oversight Committee will monitor and evaluate the participation of minority-owned, women-owned, and diverse businesses in building's construction.

In addition, the school district said that it will pursue LEED certification and B3 certification-a sustainable building certification that was specifically created for Minnesota buildings.