More Lowry Hill Wealth Mgrs. Leave for Another Firm

Four former wealth managers at Minneapolis-based asset management firm Lowry Hill have joined Indianapolis-based Oxford Financial Group at its new Minneapolis office.

One day after New York-based Evercore Wealth Management announced that six former Lowry Hill wealth managers joined its new Minneapolis office, another wealth management firm said that it recently hired four former Lowry Hill wealth managers for its new local office.

Indianapolis-based Oxford Financial Group announced Wednesday that former Lowry Hill wealth managers Thomas Gunderson, Cameron Johnson, Kathleen Kuehl, and Kristine Merta have joined the firm's new Minneapolis office.

Another former Lowry Hill wealth manager, Laura J. Clark, left the firm's Chicago office to join Oxford's office there, Oxford said Wednesday in a separate announcement.

Oxford's local office, which opened on Thursday, is located in the Fifth Street Towers in downtown Minneapolis-at 100 South Fifth Street. Kuehl and Merta now serve as directors in the new office, while Gunderson and Johnson are senior investment strategists.

Oxford Financial Group oversees assets totaling more than $16 billion for more than 500 families and institutions in 35 states. The firm now has five offices across the country.

Minneapolis-based Lowry Hill, a wholly-owned subsidiary of San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Company, manages approximately $5.2 billion in assets for nearly 300 clients. The firm has offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, Naples, and Scottsdale.