MN Start-up Signs Licensing Deal with Kraft

Medisyn Technologies claims the newly licensed compounds could potentially offer health and wellness benefits.

Minnetonka-based start-up Medisyn Technologies has licensed a number of new food ingredients to Kraft Foods that could provide health and wellness benefits.

The compounds were uncovered as a result of a two-year collaboration between the two companies, Medisyn announced Monday.

Medisyn formed a research and licensing partnership with the Northfield, Illinois-based food giant in December 2008.The goal of the partnership was to discover bioactive compounds that can enhance foods. Medisyn's technology can identify, analyze, and optimize these novel ingredients and can predict how they will behave in a particular structure.

“This is a significant milestone for Medisyn, and it demonstrates how technology can be a powerful tool in the discovery of new compounds that can provide important health and wellness benefits,” David Land, president and CEO of Medisyn Technologies, said in a statement.

Medisyn was founded in 1999, and has since offered its technology to health care, pharmaceutical, food, animal health, and agri-business companies to help discover new drugs and other compounds.

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