MN Creatives Make Interactive “SoundAffects” Wall in NY

Ad agency Mono and multimedia company Crash+Sues-both of which are based in Minneapolis-collaborated on an interactive installation for Parsons The New School for Design in New York.

Two Twin Cities-based creative agencies recently collaborated on an interactive advertising project, which produced sound and images based on movement, temperature, and other environmental elements.

The project was completed for Parsons The New School for Design in New York, which approached Mono after learning of the Minneapolis-based ad agency's “Real Good Experiment” for local furniture retailer Blu Dot. That project involved abandoning 25 Blu Dot chairs throughout New York, which fans tracked via the furniture retailer's website in hopes of procuring one for free.

For Parsons, Mono conceived of “SoundAffects,” which involved a temporary wall constructed on New York's Fifth Avenue. Inside the structure is a series of sensors that collect real-time data about the surrounding environment-from people to automobile traffic to shifts in the weather. The sensors-each of which was assigned a specific sound and color-then produced audio and visual compositions based on the incoming data.

Mono called on Crash+Sues-a Minneapolis-based video services company-to produce the following video about Parsons' experiment, which sought to “interpret design's role in the world.”

View “SoundAffects” here.

Passersby could plug earphones into the installation to listen to the music and discover how it was being influenced by their surroundings. In addition to the music, the installation featured a “visualizer” that interpreted the sensor data and produced a pulsating light show.

Click here to access the “SoundAffects” Web site,which features audio and visual compositions produced by the installation.

“Crash+Sues was great at combining a really diverse set of assets including audio, digital, and film into a great story,” Travis Olson, creative co-chair of Mono, said in a statement. “It was a complex project with lots of components and C+S helped craft a simple story about Parsons that they can now use to help define who they are and how they approach design's role in this world.”