MN Co’s Truck Gets Spotlight in Transformers 3

A fire truck by Rosenbauer America of Wyoming, Minnesota, is featured in the new action flick.

A character from this summer's blockbuster Transformers: Dark of the Moon hails from Minnesota.

But it's neither an actress nor an actor: It's an 80,000-pound truck.

The Star Tribune reported that the vehicle is a six-wheel-drive airport fire truck built by Rosenbauer America of Wyoming, Minnesota.

Rosenbauer is reportedly the largest manufacturer of fire trucks in the world. It got a call from Hollywood in February 2010 asking if one of its vehicles could be used in the film.

In the movie, the vehicle reportedly transforms into Sentinel Prime, a 32-foot-tall “supreme commander Autobot,” voiced by actor Leonard Nimoy. (It doesn't actually transform; special effects are used.) It features an “omega shield and matrix blade for doing battle with the evil Decepticons.”

WCCO News reported on the Minnesota company's truck and its Hollywood plans in late June, prior to the film's opening. It's currently showing in several local theaters.

The Star Tribune's recent story features several images of the vehicle, and describes how the truck went under a transformation that brought it from an industrial park in Minnesota to the silver screen. It also notes that about 300 million toy versions of Sentinel Prime are expected to be sold worldwide.