MN CEO Charged, Allegedly Sold Fake Sports Jerseys

Steven Jensen and his Plymouth company, Vintage Sports Authentics, allegedly auctioned off jerseys that they claimed were worn by Major League Baseball stars but were actually fakes.

The co-CEO of a sports memorabilia company in Plymouth was arrested Thursday and charged with orchestrating a scheme to sell fraudulent sports merchandise, according to media reports.

Steven Jensen, 40, of Osseo, heads Vintage Sports Authentics. Authorities say that over the past four years, Jensen and his company auctioned off jerseys that they claimed were worn by Major League Baseball players during games-but the jerseys weren't actually authentic, according to an Associated Press report.

Some of the jerseys auctioned off were said to have been worn by well-known stars Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, and Albert Pujols. But Jensen reportedly knew that they weren't actually worn by those individuals and re-auctioned them to others after customers returned them, according to the Associated Press.

Jensen was reportedly arrested at a sports collectors' convention outside of Chicago. He was charged in federal court in New York with mail fraud and wire fraud.

Christopher Cizin, a U.S. postal inspector, said in an affidavit that a buyer from the Bronx paid about $3,000 for a jersey represented as having been worn by Rodriguez when he was a Seattle Mariner in 1995, according to The New York Times. An authenticator and a former Mariners equipment manager reportedly said it was not authentic.