MinnMed Rolls Out New Line of Cannabis Oil
Minnesota Medical Solutions’ facility in Otsego. Photo by David Bowman

MinnMed Rolls Out New Line of Cannabis Oil

The distillate oil provides a safer option for vape users, according to the company.

Medical cannabis company Minnesota Medical Solutions on Wednesday unveiled a new line of cannabis oil for vapes.

In a news release, the company said the new distillate cannabis oil doesn’t have diluting agents or other additives.

“Nationwide, the recently identified vape-related lung illnesses have been frequently linked to illicit black-market products or e-cigarettes which contain many untested additives,” said Dr. Gary Starr, MinnMed’s deputy CEO. “This evidence highlights the importance of lab-tested, regulated and pure products like our distillate options.”

MinnMed’s long-term goal is to replace its existing cannabis oils with distillate oils, said Albe Zakes, spokesman for Vireo Health Inc., MinnMed’s parent company.

“That’s not to say there was a problem with our original vapes originally, but the distillation process that we’re using now increases the purity even more,” Zakes said. “Basically, we’re taking our safe products and making them even safer.”

MinnMed plans to release additional new products in the near future. After regulatory changes approved earlier this month, the company has the greenlight to produce water-soluble powders. Vireo Health has already been selling the powders in Maryland, according to CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley.

In addition, MinnMed has been given permission to open new medical cannabis treatment centers in Woodbury, Blaine, Duluth, and Burnsville. MinnMed is one of two medical cannabis manufacturers in the state; the other is Leafline Labs.