Minnesota-Made Dating App Spurs Love Through Date Activities
The user's view of Let's Go. (Photo courtesy of Let's Go)

Minnesota-Made Dating App Spurs Love Through Date Activities

The activities-driven app is designed to create the “perfect dating experience.”

February: the month many singles dread, and a time when new couples feel the pressure to impress each other.

St. Cloud native Austin Bohlig wanted a dating app that delivered more than names and photos. So he created Let’s Go, an app that matches people through activities. Select museum and drinks on a Friday, and you’ll get paired with someone who wants to do the same.

“The dating scene was broken,” says Bohlig, 26, who worked with New Lion Labs in Minneapolis to develop the app. “We just wanted to simplify it.”

Let’s Go marks its first Valentine’s Day this month, after launching in April 2018. By taking a pain point out of the dating process—planning things to do—Let’s Go helps couples focus on building relationships. And because of its focus on date activities, Let’s Go, unlike most dating apps, can be useful even once love has blossomed.

“Crafting the perfect date experience will help build meaningful relationships quicker,” Bohlig says.

As of early February, Let’s Go had about 4,500 total downloads in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas, and about 1,800 monthly active users. Sixty percent of users are couples, Bohlig says. The reach skews female at the moment—58 percent women to 42 percent men—and user ages were fairly evenly divided among all age brackets, starting at age 18. 

Beyond connecting people and suggesting date ideas, Let’s Go offers date deals from more than 40 local businesses. A popular choice is a Can Can Wonderland package featuring a round of mini golf, two drinks, and pizza for $30 off face value. The app is free both to users and venues offering specials.

Bohlig’s business plan anticipates two revenue streams. Users can pay $4 per month for access to premium date deals; and by 2020, he hopes to introduce a function where users can pay for date experiences through the app, with a Let’s Go service fee.   

The app has yet to turn a profit, but Bohlig is so certain about the potential that he invested his own money, with the help of family and friends, to launch Let’s Go for about $30,000. His goal is to raise $200,000 early this year.