Minneapolis to Test One-Sort Recycling

A pilot program will evaluate single-sort recycling in two Minneapolis neighborhoods for consideration in future operations.

The City of Minneapolis is trying out an easier way to recycle.

About 1,030 households in the city's Willard-Hay and East Calhoun neighborhoods will be part of a pilot program to test one-sort recycling. During the program, residents will put all of their recyclables into one cart, instead of separating bottles, cans, and papers and placing them into separate bags.

The pilot-which kicked off August 15 in Willard-Hay and will start August 23 in East Calhoun-is an effort to identify the most suitable recycling program for Minneapolis residents, the city said in a statement released Monday. City officials will study the pilot to measure the amount of recyclables that residents set out, the usability of the recyclables collected, and the cost of this recycling program compared with the current multi-sort program. The results of the pilot program will be presented to the City Council for consideration in future recycling operations, according to the press release.

A second pilot program centered around recycling is taking place in Minneapolis' Seward neighborhood to assess two-sort recycling, in which paper products are separated from all other recyclables.

The City of Minneapolis will administer both pilots, and will provide new recycling carts for the programs. Minneapolis Refuse Incorporated (MRI), a consortium of private garbage haulers, will conduct the single-sort pilot under contract with the city.