Minneapolis-Based Lerner Publishing Group Acquires Zest Books
Photo by : Iakov Filimonov (Shutterstock)

Minneapolis-Based Lerner Publishing Group Acquires Zest Books

Zest Books, headquartered in San Francisco, specializes in young adult nonfiction, and the deal – for which a value was not disclosed – bolsters Lerner’s reach in the market, starting with 10 new titles in 2019.

Lerner Publishing Group is injecting some youth and truth into its portfolio, as it’s acquiring Zest Books, a publishing house for young adult nonfiction books. A transaction price was not disclosed.

Following the acquisition, Zest Books will move its operations from its current headquarters in San Francisco to the Lerner office in Minneapolis. With the purchase, Lerner will add about 60 backlist titles from Zest Books to its catalog.

Zest will operate as an imprint, or sub-brand, of Lerner, with Hallie Warshaw, publisher and creative director of Zest Books, overseeing the acquisition and then becoming the new “publisher at large” of Zest Books.

“Zest Books stands out in the marketplace because of the relevant, well-researched, and attractively designed YA nonfiction that Hallie has been publishing for more than ten years,” said Adam Lerner, publisher and CEO of Lerner Publishing Group, in a statement.

The company’s young adult nonfiction books run the gamut of subjects, from entertainment to history, science, health, fashion and lifestyle advice.

“As teens continue to educate themselves and engage, YA nonfiction has become one of the fastest growing genres in publishing,” said Warshaw, in prepared remarks.

With the deal’s announcement, Zest Books had ten new titles to launch in the new year. All of those will now premiere under Lerner.

Likewise, Zest Books will also feel the benefits of the deal, Washaw said, as it will join a larger publisher with more capital.

Bringing in Zest Books as an addition to Twenty-First Century Books—Lerner’s already-established brand for young adult nonfiction—comes as a bid to expand the company’s “commitment to create exceptional and cutting-edge YA that is relevant to today’s teen readers,” Lerner said.

As Zest relocates, Lerner’s distribution center will assume processing, warehousing, fulfillment, billing, customer service and credit and collection efforts for both available, yet-to-be published titles, and newly published titles effective July 1, 2019.