Minneapolis Among Safest Cities for Children

Underwriters Laboratories conducted a study that found Minneapolis to be among the ten safest cities for families with young children.

Minneapolis is one of the ten cities that “excelled in helping prevent needless accidents and improve the safety of their residents,” according to a recent study by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Each of the 50 cities in the study were measured by 25 criteria, including crime rates, air quality, incidence of child pedestrian accidents, injuries, and drowning.

The study also focused on accessibility to hospitals, response time for fire and police, and laws, codes and regulations that address smoking, home inspections, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, pool safety, and bike helmets.

“There is a unique set of safety considerations that goes into developing safe homes, communities and environments for raising young children, and the purpose of the study was to bring awareness to the best practices in those areas,” said Gus Schaefer, UL's public safety officer, in a statement. “We hope that highlighting the importance of these safety practices will help keep more families protected.”

Minneapolis' scorecard for the study shows it has an especially low number of pedestrian accidents and fire and burn rates. It also emerged as “the leading combatant of 'the silent killer,' carbon monoxide” and UL praised Minnesota law requiring carbon monoxide detectors in all single-family homes.

Along with Minneapolis, the other nine cities on the list were Boston; Columbus, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; New York; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco; Seattle; Tampa, Florida; and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

UL is a Northbrook, Illinois-based nonprofit that specializes in product safety testing and certification.