Metro Transit Launches Rewards Program

Through the program, customers earn points that can be redeemed for transit rides or gift cards.

Metro Transit customers have a new incentive to ride the bus or train-free rides and gift cards.

Metro Transit announced last week that it has launched a new loyalty program in which transit customers earn points for bus and train rides they take.

The program, called Ride to Rewards, is free and open to anyone with a Go-To Card, Metropass, U-Pass, college pass, or student pass.

Customers earn points with every ride on Metro Transit busses or trains. Points can then be converted to ride value or redeemed for gift cards that can be used like cash.

To earn points faster, program members can link a credit or debit card to their Ride to Rewards account and earn points for purchases made at merchant partners, including D. Brian's, Sawatdee, and Allen Ray Salon.

“Our customers have told us the best incentive for them to take the bus or train more often is receiving credit toward future rides,” Metro Transit General Manager Brian Lamb said in a statement. “Just like airline loyalty programs, Ride to Rewards gives customers a way to earn free future travel or to redeem points for gift cards.”

In the month of November, loyalty program members can earn points faster by inviting others to join the program. For every 1,000 new members, existing members will receive 10 points.

According to Metro Transit, the rewards program is the first of its kind in the transit industry. Orlando, Florida-based Transit Treasure, which operates merchant-funded loyalty rewards programs, administers the Ride to Rewards program for Metro Transit.