Mayo Unveils 10-Year Data-Sharing Partnership with Google
(Photo courtesy of Mayo Clinic)

Mayo Unveils 10-Year Data-Sharing Partnership with Google

The clinic says it will manage data access using “rigorous long-standing institutional controls.”

Mayo Clinic today announced a 10-year data-sharing partnership with Google.

Under the agreement, the two will use artificial intelligence-based technologies to improve diagnoses and treatments.

Over the next decade, Mayo will store its medical data on Google Cloud. From there, the data will be used to “create new health care insights and solutions,” Mayo officials said in a news release. That includes deploying machine learning models to help improve treatments and clinical outcomes.

“More data is going to drive more cures,” said Mayo chief information officer Christopher Ross in a video announcing the partnership. “If we can make data available to researchers and scientists, they will find more break-throughs. … The most important break-throughs are coming through insights that are delivered by data.”

In the release, Mayo officials said the clinic plans to “manage access to all data using rigorous long-standing institutional controls.”

“Mayo Clinic will specifically authorize the use of data in projects to create new health care insights and solutions in conjunction with partners, including Google,” they said.

As part of the partnership, Google plans to open a new office in Rochester. In the new office, Google engineers will work alongside Mayo researchers, physicians, IT staff, and data scientists.

This isn’t the first time Mayo has teamed up with the internet giant. In February 2015, Google began sharing Mayo-approved facts about basic medical conditions in search results. (Think of that little chart that pops up when you search for strep throat or tonsillitis. Mayo physicians signed off on much of what you’ll see there.)

“Good information is good medicine,” said Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Phil Hagen at the time. Evidently, that mantra remains true at Mayo.