Mayo Clinic Spinoff OneOme to Bring Genetic Testing Services to the Netherlands

Mayo Clinic Spinoff OneOme to Bring Genetic Testing Services to the Netherlands

Minneapolis-based OneOme is partnering with a Walgreens Boots Alliance subsidiary to pilot its genetic testing tool in Holland pharmacies.

Mayo Clinic-spinoff OneOme is expanding overseas.

The Minneapolis-based startup—which specializes in “pharmacogenomics,” the study of how genes affect individual responses to medications—is partnering with Alliance Healthcare Netherlands to bring pharmacogenomic testing to pharmacies throughout Holland. (Alliance Healthcare Netherlands is a subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., a holding company that owns Walgreens and other pharmacy chains.)

In the initial pilot, pharmacists at 18 Boots and Alphega pharmacies will be able to order OneOme’s RightMed Comprehensive Test, which is a software program that classifies drugs into three categories—red (use with great caution), yellow (use with caution), and green (use as directed). The software makes the designations based on a specific patient’s DNA analysis, and it’s designed to optimize medication selection and minimize adverse drug reactions in patients.

With access to RightMed, pharmacists can take DNA samples from patients on site through a cheek swab, run a report, and talk with a patient’s doctor about the best medication for the patient. 

The pilot program is aimed at evaluating the feasibility of conducting pharmacogenomics testing at retail pharmacy locations, and to assess its impact on patient care.

The Netherlands program comes just two years after OneOme entered the Canadian market, partnering with ProZed Pharmacy Solutions to introduce RightMed at retail pharmacy locations in Ontario. This expanded the presence of the RightMed test in the global market. (Other nations utilizing it include Mexico and Australia.) 

The RightMed comprehensive test first debuted in the U.S. in 2016, but due to regulatory changes within the last year the U.S. model no longer includes medication reporting. Its focus is instead on providing genotype and phenotype information.