Marvin Windows and Doors Streamlines Its Brand to Marvin
Image representing Marvin's new "Signature Collection." (Photo courtesy of Marvin).

Marvin Windows and Doors Streamlines Its Brand to Marvin

The strategy freshens the company’s image, brings Integrity Windows and Doors under the Marvin brand, and prepares the family business for future growth.

Marvin Windows and Doors is opening a door to a new era as the family-owned company launches a new brand name, logo, and product collections. Chief among the changes is the brand name—it is dropping Windows and Doors from its company name and will simply be known as Marvin.

This marketplace refresh is designed to give products of the Warroad-based manufacturing company a clear identity, and to allow room for growth as Marvin looks to expand its presence in the evolving home construction space.

“The foundation of our company—the people, exceptional quality and beautiful design of our products—all remain intact and stronger than ever,” says CEO Paul Marvin. “[But] as people’s expectations of home change, we must also grow and evolve to bring beauty into the everyday while striving to simplify and enhance people’s lives.”

Marvin has been family-run since its inception in 1912. Paul Marvin, a fourth-generation family member, became chief executive in 2017. The rebranding is one of his early initiatives during his CEO tenure.

Unifying its products under one label, all fenestration products will carry the Marvin brand. Previously, the company differentiated its products under the Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors names. Those brands and their respective logos have been retired.

An original logo has been designed for the overarching Marvin brand. It features an updated yellow rose, with a bold font.
Marvin's new logo. (Photo courtesy of Marvin).

The rose, which has been a Marvin icon since its first use in 1968, was introduced to symbolize products “built for Northern winters and Southern hospitality.” The selection of the rose as a symbol was based on the concept that a rose can’t flourish indoors without the perfect environment of light that windows and doors help provide in a home, or office building. The flower also was reportedly a favorite of Margaret Marvin, wife of Bill Marvin, who led the growth of Marvin from a regional lumber company to a huge manufacturer with national and international sales. Bill Marvin, who died in 2009, was Paul Marvin’s grandfather.

This new rose is designed to be recognizable as the same flower, but modernized, reflecting the company’s “progressive, design-forward future” and “heritage of optimism and hospitality.”

With its reintroduction as Marvin, the company—which has 5,500 employees across 15 cities nationwide—also has reorganized pre-existing (and future) products into three new collections. The collections are intended to make it easier for customers to find what they need at different price points.

The first collection, which Marvin says is its most aspirational, is the “Signature Collection.” As described by Marvin, it emphasizes “design and category-leading innovation.” The wide-ranging collection includes the line formerly known as Marvin Contemporary Studio, and lines that will keep their separate names: Marvin Ultimate and Marvin Modern.  

The second collection is called “Elevate” and emphasizes “beautiful design, superior strength”—a “balance of creativity, vision and reality.” The collection includes products formerly labeled Integrity Wood-Ultrex, and leans toward the higher end of price and features.

Marvin bills the third collection “Essential”–which includes former brand Integrity All-Ultrex products—as a “streamlined, versatile, and maintenance-free” option for customers looking for a high quality, yet simplistic design approach.

“The heart of Marvin has always been one of possibility, of designing for people,” says Marvin, who will share his business insights at TCB’s Business Strategies Roundtable event May 22 in Golden Valley. “A single brand expands on this possibility and allows us to use our expertise to make a positive impact on our customers' lives for years to come.”