Local Health Care App Creator Raises $550,000 In Financing

Healthcare Engagement Solutions, developer of mobile technology suite Uniphy, raised over half a million dollars from angel investors and is planning for more.

Minneapolis-based Healthcare Engagement Solutions, the developer of Uniphy, announced Thursday that it closed on a $550,000 angel investment.
Founded in 2013, the company is in the process of rolling out its suite of mobile technologies, Uniphy.
Uniphy provides a secure, cloud-based platform that uses social media, targeted content, performance metrics, and messaging to help physicians communicate with one another.
Aimed at medical clinics, the company said its technology acts as a “virtual doctor’s lounge,” allowing doctors to connect with one another throughout organizations with multiple facilities. Users would have quick and secure access to shared information at anytime, from any place.
“With our angel financing in place, we can now move forward with implementation at pilot customer sites,” CEO Chuck French said in a statement. “Validating the Uniphy platform to ensure it meets the communication needs of our target audience of more than four million clinical users is critical.”
“Our experienced team is excited to have this additional funding to finalize our application, which will improve clinical and financial outcomes through better engagement and collaboration among physicians and health care organizations,” he added.
The company said it expects to generate an additional $2 million during its next round of financing. It plans to complete that round during the third quarter of this year.