Local Designer Makes a Logo a Day for 10K Lakes

To occupy herself in her spare time, graphic designer Nicole Meyer creates a logo for a new Minnesota lake each day and posts it on her Web site, Branding10000lakes.com.

A local graphic designer has undertaken a project that will keep her busy for quite a few years.

Nicole Meyer has decided to design a logo for each of Minnesota's 10,000-plus lakes-one lake a day. She has been working on the project for six months and has created about 200 logos so far, the University of Minnesota's news service reported Wednesday.

The U of M alumna is by day a graphic designer for Minneapolis-based advertising agency Periscope, and she reportedly believes the lake-logo project-which she works on in her own time-helped her land the job.

Every night, Meyer visits the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Web site, picks a lake, and after doing some research, starts designing a logo for the lake using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, according to the U of M.

Meyer then posts each logo on her Web site, Branding10000lakes.com, which reportedly receives about 1,000 hits a day. She allows people to purchase the logos in the form of art prints, stretched canvases, and iPhone cases.

A Minnesota native, Meyer conceived the project after she moved to Arizona about five years ago, according to the U of M. When she started to miss the land of 10,000 lakes, she decided to move back and start a project that would keep the essence of the state on the top of her mind.

“I needed someplace to put that Minnesota energy,” Meyer told the U of M.

Meyer thinks it will take her about 27 years to complete the project, according to her Web site.

To view lake logos that Meyer has created so far, click here.