Law Firm Strikes Partnership To Boost Mexico Presence

The Minneapolis-based law firm expects its new informal alignment will make it more attractive to clients doing business in Mexico.

Minneapolis-based law firm Fredrikson & Byron recently struck an agreement with the Gabinete Corportivo law firm in Mexico, through which the two firms will collaborate to help clients navigate legal matters on both sides of the border.
According to Luis Reséndiz, co-chair of Fredrikson & Byron’s Latin America practice, Fredrikson is the only Minnesota firm with an office in Mexico, and the firm’s new partnership will benefit its clients that wish to do business in the country.
Patrick Kelly, the other co-chair of Fredrikson & Byron’s Latin America practice, said the partnership—which was described as a “Memorandum of Cooperation”—isn’t a formal corporate tie or joint venture but rather an agreement between the two firms to use one another’s services and to refer clients.

“The clients of the Gabinete firm will benefit from our broad range of corporate and international expertise, including foreign investment execution in both the United States and in Mexico,” Kelly said in a statement. “This collaboration offers both firms’ clients efficient, cross-border coordination as well as a legal liaison between languages, business cultures, and legal structures.”
Gabinete is based in Querétaro and, according to Kelly, is one of the largest firms in the Bajio region of Mexico.

“We chose to enter this relationship with Gabinete because it is close to Mexico City, it has already worked with some of our clients, and it offers services that we cannot—like litigation services within Mexico,” Kelly told Twin Cities Business. “It will really help us beef up our presence down there, but the number one goal with this is for each of us to better serve our clients.”

Kelly said no money was exchanged to establish the partnership and that the firms won’t share fees when dealing with clients but will bill separately.

Fredrikson—which employs 275 attorneys—opened its office in Monterrey, Mexico in 2006 and currently has four employees in its Latin America group. The firm also has an office in Shanghai and an attorney based in London; Kelly said the firm has a similar cooperative arrangement with a law firm in England.