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Winged Victory

Sally Smith has taken Buffalo Wild Wings from fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants start-up to 683 restaurants and a market value of $897 million. Now, how to keep the company soaring?

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Words On The Street

The founders of Element Six Media want to change the way marketing is done. Heck, they want to change the world.


A Tale of the Wing

What the “boneless chicken wing” teaches about commodity prices in the restaurant business.

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Angling for Eyeballs

LumiData’s sales analysis software helps suppliers convince big retailers to keep carrying their products.

Cargill Connections

The Biobusiness Alliance of Minnesota has traced the growth of a “family tree” of start-ups that have Cargill connections.

MinnPost and MPR

MinnPost is doing an analog version of what the algorithms in e-commerce sites do: “If you liked X, then you might also like Y.”

What’s Your Story?

Storyworks Media uses video vignettes to explain—and sell—complex health care benefits and financial products to millions of consumers.