How to Get the Most Out of Wedding Florals

How to Get the Most Out of Wedding Florals

Hint: Don’t be afraid to reuse flowers.

Wedding florals can be a large investment for anyone's event. It can be very hard for clients to wrap their mind around the cost of this perishable decor. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your florals without compromising the look of the event.

Reception decor can be used for the ceremony

If the client is using tall pieces for the reception, these can easily be used to flank the altar, as well as the back of the aisle. Tall pieces are some of the most expensive centerpiece options, and they’re typically the most impressive. It’s always great to see them used in another application, and saves money when considering the added cost of decor for the typically short ceremony.

Floral doesn’t need to go everywhere in a venue

Despite the pressure that many clients feel to dress an entire space, flooding everything with flowers isn’t always the way to create a lasting memory. Focus on the spaces that are going to have the most impact. The head table is a great example of this. Clients will be photographed the most at this table, so it should be treated as one of the most important locations for added decor. This is a great place to make a huge impact with small design choices, such as a specialty linen, glassware, flatware, and unique candles. Though quite expensive to spread this level of decor through a whole room, doing it on the head table really allows clients to create something intentional and unique to them. This also leads into our next topic. 

Bridesmaid bouquets are not centerpieces, but they do have a role.

Though there are florists that will encourage clients to use bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces, this is not always a great suggestion. They have typically taken a beating throughout the wedding day, and by the time they hit the table hours and hours later, are not looking their best. They are also designed to be held in a hand, not a vase, which makes them somewhat awkward as decor. They are a great option to use for other areas such as the dessert table, memorial tables, and escort card tables. They are still able to be used for decoration, but not being relied upon as the only floral for a table or for accenting a head table. 

Reusing centerpieces for brunch or donations

A lot of clients have taken to hosting a brunch next-day for close friends and family to get together and decompress after the wedding. This is a great place to use those centerpieces from the night before. There are a lot of services that are now available as well to come in and take your flowers and bring them to retirement homes and hospice centers. This is a really lovely way of sharing these beautiful blooms with others. Someone else gets to enjoy them, and the client is not left with 20 arrangements that will likely end in the garbage. 

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Kindred Blooms is a petite fine art floral studio located in the Twin Cities. The sister-run business has become known for organic designs. With a strong focus on ethical flowers, they have worked toward using as many locally grown, chemical-free, and American-grown flowers as possible.

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