Vivid Image, Inc.

Vivid Image, Inc.

Offers web design, online marketing, and social media services.

13 employees in 2 locations; founded in 1995

Beth Gasser, co-owner: 

How’s Business? In 2011, our revenues increased 25 percent and profits more than doubled over the year before. 

Biggest Challenge: We work with many small businesses and start-up companies, and our challenge is helping them take the time to focus on their marketing. Small-business owners are often consumed with running their businesses, so we are continually challenged to keep them inspired and moving forward using technology and the web to grow their business.

A Recent Win: We’ve added services and modified how we do some things so that we can respond to our clients and offer them the services they need. We’ve hired four people within the last year and added a second location [in Minneapolis] in response to client needs and growing areas of our business: WordPress development and social media consulting

What’s Coming Up? Our challenge as a team is to decide which area each person is passionate about, learn and share our knowledge quickly with each other, and then break it down into easier-to-undertake “steps” for our clients so that even small, rural businesses in Minnesota can compete anywhere.

Proudest Moment: The relationships we’ve formed with our clients over the years. Many of our first clients are still with us. We’ve been a part of each other’s business ups and downs, and we’re proud to know the people and faces behind the businesses.