Develops language software and dictionaries for mobile devices. 

8 employees; founded in 1997


Jeff Ondich, owner and CTO: 

How’s Business? Our revenue peaks when we launch new apps with dips between releases. We have also seen a sort of zigzag growth pattern over the past ten years. With everything we have in the works right now, I’m confident this year with be even stronger. We have some fantastic product releases planned for this spring and summer.

Biggest Challenge: Shifting direction and priorities as quickly as we need to can be a challenge. The app environment changes constantly. We need to adapt to news from Apple and new competitors every day. 

A Recent Win: Following our initial success in the iTunes App Store in 2008, we began broadening our scope and adding more people to our team. While we wanted to take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself, we soon felt a lack of connection to our company direction. This fall, I decided to get back on track with what we really love doing and simplify wherever possible. We cut some programs entirely and put all our resources toward making high-quality apps for mobile devices. We feel like a new company; we are reenergized, focused, and already seeing great results, especially with some products that offer in-app sales. 

What’s Coming Up? Two major updates came out in March for our core products: dictionary applications for the iPhone/iPad. They are available in the Mac app store. We are also working on some fun, simple, somewhat experimental apps for iPhone and iPad which we are very excited about.

Proudest Moment: We all love our relationship with Assistiveware. They use Ultralingua’s linguistic engine in their Proloquo2go software, which helps people with speech disabilities to communicate. It feels great to be an important part of that work.