Time Management: Jeff Gau

Time Management: Jeff Gau

“Work to me is about making decisions. As CEO, a key role that I play is to help make decisions and move initiatives forward.” Jeff Gau leads Marco, the St. Cloud-based IT services company with more than 1,400 employees, 35,000 clients, and offices nationwide. “I believe the CEO sets the tone for an organization’s culture, and I think it’s important to be approachable and engaged.”

Email: “I typically read every one of them but respond timely only to the ones I feel are appropriate.”

Preferred method of communication: “I text, email, use social media, and I still like to pick up the phone and talk to people personally.”

Social media usage: “I use LinkedIn frequently, especially for prep work with clients and connecting with acquisition prospects. I use Facebook both professionally and personally. I really like social media—it is a good resource and tool that we leverage as a company.”

5 a.m. Wake up. Make coffee and turn on the fireplace and easy listening music. Sit in the living room with wife, Melinda; read online news, social media, and email.

6 a.m. Breakfast. Favorite morning meal looks more like lunch: ham and swiss on whole wheat bread with baked potato chips. Watch local news while eating.

6:45 a.m. Call and commute. Daily call with chief operating officer Jonathan Warrey on the 15-minute drive to work.

7 a.m. Meetings. “I typically start the workday with a meeting; this is a productive time of day for me.” Tuesday’s meeting is with Marco’s business development manager. Wednesday’s is with the executive leadership team. Most mornings include a call with the vice president of marketing to review presentations, board meetings, and blogs.

Lunch. Usually a working lunch that includes a meeting or presentation. Once a week, lunch with a colleague. “Occasionally, if I find myself without a scheduled lunch meeting, I’ll grab a salad in town and catch up on emails. I appreciate the focused time.”

2 p.m. Financial calls and client visits. “I engage with our investors, Norwest Equity Partners, on a weekly basis. Several times during the week we host current and prospective clients at our corporate office. I provide the company overview, give a tour, and try to initiate or expand the relationship.”

5 p.m. Leave office to work out. “My wife and I go to the YMCA near our house.”

Evening. Nonprofit social events at least a couple of times a week. “As community professionals [wife Melinda is an attorney for Quinlivan & Hughes], we’re both active on several boards.”

10 p.m. Wind down. Check email and social media and read before bed.