Stubborn Sores

Arobella Medical, LLC

Burns, diabetic foot ulcers, and chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers need special treatment to keep clean and heal. The Qoustic Wound Therapy System from Arobella Medical, LLC, a medical company specializing in wound care in Minnetonka, separates devitalized tissue from healthy tissue using ultrasonic energy and a cleansing saline solution. Cleaning large or complicated wounds is normally very painful for patients, but in one study, the Qoustic system was shown to be less painful than other wound therapies. The system also promotes circulation in the wound area.

The device consists of a portable, handheld curet and ultrasonic energy source, and is typically prescribed for three sessions per week for two weeks. The curet is a cupped metal tool, the edge of which is used to gently remove dead tissue from a wound. At the same time, ultrasonic waves via saline solution provide an antibacterial effect. The system can be used in hospital, clinic, or home settings and the curet tips are sterilizable, saving money compared to one-use tips and reducing waste.

Patients report a tickling sensation when the Qoustic Wound Therapy System is used. After undergoing treatment, patients may experience capillary bleeding—a sign that healthy tissue lies just underneath the surface. In addition to treating chronic wounds, the device can also be used to prepare skin for skin grafts and prevent infection in surgical wounds.