How to Network Like a Master

How to Network Like a Master

How To Network Like a Master

Need a phone number? Trying to come up with candidates for a board seat? Ask Dee Thibodeau. No doubt she knows someone. The owner and CEO of Plymouth-based IT consulting firm Charter Solutions and a managing partner of the Sofia Fund, Thibodeau says networking is in her blood. “I meet people for breakfast, lunch, drinks, and dinner. I really enjoy getting to know all the fascinating people that are out there.” Think of networking as a skill you need to cultivate, Thibodeau advises. “Patience and perseverance are essential in networking.”

Set aside time for networking, even if it’s just once a month. “Sometimes I eat two lunches, but they are small.”

Prioritize the types of people you hope to meet. “I have passions around technology, health care, and advancing people in their careers and on boards.”

Reply promptly. “Staying on top of the calls and emails and texts requires discipline, and people appreciate it when you respond right away.”

Stay connected. “Have a small number of people who are your connection group that you can go to for anything you might need.”