Growing Bones

Micromedics, Inc.
Growing Bones

Micromedics, Inc., a medical-products company based in St. Paul, has developed the Graft Delivery System with which doctors can literally make bone. The specialized syringe is used to deliver material that fills in bone breaks or encourages new growth where the bone is damaged or diseased. The system has Food and Drug Administration approval and will be on the market soon.

The vented-plunger design of the device allows a surgeon to mix granulated bone material with a platelet-rich gel within the syringe, hydrating the bone and creating what Curt Miller, CEO of Micromedics, calls a bone log. After one minute, the pliable log is extruded from the Graft Delivery System and becomes a bone graft that can be used anywhere in the body.

Currently, the delivery system is primarily used in spinal fusion surgery and in non-union fractures, where a bone is separated and not healing, says Cathy Miller, a registered nurse and product manager at Micromedics. Surgeons can choose any type of bone product to use in the device; it’s not manufacturer specific.

For surgeons, the system is simple to use and a quick way to hydrate bone material. A funnel-shaped barrel makes loading bone material into the syringe easy, and a special cap allows surgeons to attach an applicator for the hydration fluid. Patients benefit from the growth factors in bone and organic bone substitute that accelerate healing at the graft site.