Best Event Support Services

Nancy Jacobs, EDG Productions, for an 8,000-guest International Conference
Best Event Support Services

A multi-day, international conference and trade show in Chicago required theme decor for a welcome party and concert, breakfast and lunch for each of four days, a final night gala, and an “afterglow” party. EDG Productions coordinated linen vendors, centerpiece designs, equipment and furniture rental, four musical acts, and new, custom-built lounge seating and decor pieces.

The client liked the concept of featuring Chicago landmarks, such as Sears Tower, John Hancock Building, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, and Shedd Aquarium. EDG developed 20-by-20-foot set pieces of 11 separate landmarks, and used them as decor for the length of the event. They also served as reference points in wayfinding. Other decor included spandex shapes, foamcore stage silhouettes, and trees custom-made of white metal, white fabric, hand-painted silk leaves, and twinkle lights.

The client had very stringent requirements for each part of the program, and approved elements only after several options had been reviewed. EDG worked with three vendors to provide the thousands of color coded or custom-made linens needed. The company also managed the manufacturing of the decor pieces and coordinated all the vendors from rental firms to musicians. EDG worked with several unions, the trade show company, and a large number of temporary staff to complete the installation and take down of each event.


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