Launches Video Contest for Donors

The winner of the contest, "Does this make my heart look big?", will receive a new MacBook Air laptop and will have his or her video featured on the "Give to the Max Day" homepage in November.

How much do you love giving to your favorite nonprofit? wants to know-and it's launching its first annual “Give to the Max Day” video contest to find out. So, dust off that director's chair and make a casting call.

The winner of the contest-called “Does this make my heart look big?”-will receive a new MacBook Air laptop and a $1,000 grant that will go to the video producer's nonprofit of choice.

Entries must be received in September, and the winning video will be featured on the “Give to the Max Day” homepage on November 16. That's the third “Give to the Max Day”-an annual event that challenges Minnesotans to raise as much money as possible for nonprofits within a 24-hour period.

First-of-its-kind Web site GiveMN-run by Executive Director Dana Nelson-launched November 2, 2009, and has facilitated more than $30 million in donations to nonprofits since that time. It provides donors with information about organizations that share their philanthropic goals and allows them to make online donations to any U.S. nonprofit by credit card. GiveMN is a collaborative venture whose partners include numerous companies, organizations, and nonprofits throughout the state.

Last year, 42,596 donors logged on to on “Give to the Max Day” and collectively contributed more than $10 million to 3,663 nonprofits across the state. Various incentives, like matching contributions and prizes that gave extra money to donors' charities, helped extend the reach of donors' money.

Videos submitted for the contest must be no longer than three minutes and must contain the phrase-either written or spoken-“Does this make my heart look big?” Participants are encouraged to be very creative and to show how online giving can be fun, effective, and illustrate that they have a big heart. They also can explain why giving is easy and enjoyable on