GiveMN Aims to Attract 40K Donors on Tues.

The second annual "Give to the Max Day" challenges Minnesotans to raise as much money as possible for the nonprofits of their choice during a day-long philanthropy event.

A fundraising Web site launched last year aims to assist more than 40,000 donors in giving to their favorite Minnesota charities during day-long event on Tuesday.

GiveMN's second annual “Give to the Max Day” will challenge Minnesotans to raise as much money as possible for nonprofits within a 24-hour timeframe.

First-of-its-kind Web site GiveMN-run by Executive Director Dana Nelson-launched November 2, 2009. It provides donors with information about organizations that share their philanthropic goals and allows them to make online donations to any U.S. nonprofit by credit card.

Last year, more than 38,000 donors logged on to on “Give to the Max Day” and collectively contributed more than $14 million to 3,434 nonprofits across the state.

This year, GiveMN will offer several incentives to encourage nonprofit and donor participation in the upcoming event. Among those incentives:

  • The four nonprofits that attract the largest number of individual gifts-two within the Twin Cities area and two within Greater Minnesota-will receive $20,000 and $10,000 prizes, respectively.
  • Each hour during the 24-hour event, an individual donor will be randomly chosen; an additional $1,000 will be given to the charity to which that donor was giving money.
  • Hundreds of nonprofits have secured matching funds on “Give to the Max Day,” meaning that donors will have the opportunity to double the dollars that they contribute to those organizations. More than $3 million in matching grants is available during the day-long event.

“Give to the Max Day” begins at midnight on Tuesday and ends at midnight on Wednesday. Click here to read more about GiveMN and the first annual “Give to the Max Day.”