Forming a New Events Brand? Here Are Six Places to Start
Brands are, at their core, focused on people, says Omaur Bliss.

Forming a New Events Brand? Here Are Six Places to Start

An events pro shares some tips on growing a brand from idea to viable business.

In 2012, I set out to create an event company that aspired to be a large A/V production house. Founded with my business partner and friend Andrew Lucas, my company RhodeyStark eventually went on to host events for large companies, along with smaller family gatherings.

As any founder will tell you, the journey from idea to viable business held dozens of lessons for us. But, before we can discuss the process of building out a staff or working large-scale events, we need to discuss brand awareness. Many folks think of brand awareness as businesses’ logos and advertising. But brands are, at their core, focused on people. The events brands that have been successful understand these six areas of focus.

Be Available

Brand awareness starts with the networks you develop. Be available to assist other event companies whenever possible. Offer some of your core services for free. Show up early and leave late. If you are reliable and available, you will get more opportunities to work.

Every Event Counts

Learn from every event you happen to come into contact with. They don’t have to be the ones you work professionally. No matter the event outcome, further analysis leads to stronger contracts, better communication practices, and smoother events.

The Value of Networking

Network, network, network. Don’t just “do it for the Gram.” Understand the organizations, planners, and individuals that can provide more opportunities for your brand. Seek them out and ask questions. Asking about their experiences shows interest, and usually people will give you a treasure trove of information.


How will you be able to make the right people aware of your brand if you don’t know what you are? The first step in moving your brand forward is to organize the what, how, and why of your brand. What your brand’s mission statement is important to the brand identity. What sets you apart from the other companies? Take time to create a business plan. Even if you didn’t start your business with a plan, grab some business plan templates and come back to this and dive deeper.

Measure it

You can be great at networking and you can have a pretty good business plan, but if you don’t know how to measure your progress things will fall through many cracks. There are plenty of free apps and tools out there to get organized.

Have Fun

Don’t ever underestimate the power of fun. Whether you are an A/V company, corporate event planner, or DJ, having a sense of fun makes the event go by smoother for all involved. As a young brand, you are remembered for being easy to work with and fun just as much as being competent in your job.

About the Author
Omaur Bliss is an event producer, DJ, and web developer with over 15 years of experience creating and managing events for major corporations, weddings, and concerts throughout the U.S.

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