Forbes: Mpls.-St. Paul Most Relaxed Metro in U.S.

The Twin Cities area was found to have a lower-than-average unemployment rate, good overall health and access to health care, a manageable number of working hours among residents, and a relatively short commute time.

Feel stressed? Chances are, the feeling would be more pronounced if you lived somewhere else.

According to a recently released Forbes list of “America's Most Relaxed Cities,” the Twin Cities comprise the most-mellow metro area in the nation.

To compile the list, Forbes examined six key metrics in each of the nation's 40 largest metro areas: unemployment rate, commute time, working hours, access to health care, residents' perception of their overall health, and regular exercise.

Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked first for both overall health and exercise, and second for unemployment, working hours, and access to health care. The Twin Cities' worst ranking-seventh-was for commute time.

Forbes pointed out that Minnesota's September unemployment rate of 7 percent was well below the 9.6 percent national average. Additionally, fewer than 5 percent of workers spend their mornings stuck in traffic, and 84 percent of the population reported having recently exercised. High percentages of local residents also have medical coverage and are in good general physical health, according to the magazine.

Rounding out the top five cities on the list were Milwaukee; Boston; Portland, Oregon; and Columbus, Ohio, in that order.